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Established in 1968

Dr. James Privitera, M.D., was an internationally known holistic physician with 46 years of experience. He invented darkfield microscopy, "Live Blood Cell Analysis" and offered it to the world for free as well as pioneering olive leaf extract by doing multiple medical studies on viral applications such as Herpes, Aids, HIV, and Gulf war Syndrome. He was imprisoned in 1975 for telling patients where to get "Laetrile" by opening apricot pits and eating the seeds to help with cancer. He petitioned Governor Brown (in office again now,) to legalize the drug and successfully legalized laetrile also known as vitamin B17, or "Amygdalin." Which is now offered and sold legally in capsule form or apricot seeds in bags for consumption. He was on many television and radio shows (see our video section.)


He has an excellent reputation for low cost office visits, services, & products which we have continued after his death in September, 2013. We now have an excellent N.D. Dr. here and following his Protocol, legacy, and model as well as Live Blood Cell Analysis.

Our Founder

James P.

Dr. James Privitera, M.D. was an Internationally acclaimed researcher, author, and leading authority on natural, nontoxic alternative therapies. Affiliations-American College for the Advancement of Medicine, American Preventive Medical Association, and the International College of Applied Nutrition. Dr. Privitera has served on the board of the National Health Federation and the Los Angeles County Milk Commission.  Dr. Privitera is also the author of the articles: "Noah's Dove was One Smart Bird" and "Olive Leaf Extract - A New / Old Healing Bonanza for Mankind", the book: "Silent Clots, Life's Biggest Killers," and articles in many known magazines and books. Dr. Privitera died in September of 2013 at age 73.


His sons now run the practice now and do their best to follow their father's legacy, reputation, protocols, altruism, vision, prices, and model. They offer nutritional counseling Monday-Friday.

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